Welcome to LeGogh.com! My name is Eric Hunter. I am an artist. LEGOŽ is my medium. I create large-scale, very accurate custom models from LEGOŽ bricks. I love to build custom LEGOŽ vehicles (cars, boats, planes, etc.), LEGOŽ buildings (architectural replicas or fantasy), LEGOŽ mosaics (portraits, replicas of classic works of art), LEGOŽ sculptures and just about anything you can think of...

Click HERE for samples of my recent work.

My Background:

I have been building with LEGOŽ bricks since I was four years old, 1974 to be precise; so I guess I have 40 years of experience so far. I mostly build vehicles, buildings and mosaics for personal pleasure, but I can build pretty much anything you want out of LEGOŽ bricks. Email me with your idea...

I was part of the nation-wide LEGOŽ Master Model Builder Search for Legoland, California. I was lucky enough to be one of the 27 finalists competing for an open position as a LEGOŽ Master Model Builder at the well-known and loved theme park in Carlsbad, California. The finals were held on January 23rd, 2004 at the park. Unfortunately, I was not chosen for the position. You can read more about my experience here.

I worked as a Master Model Builder at Legoland, California for nine years, from 2005-2013. I really loved my job...

I now offer my LEGOŽ design expertise on a commission basis. Please feel free to contact me for a quote!


The reason you're here

LEGOLAND, California
Where I used to work

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